April 28, 2017

Day 28 is your one big thing day

Day 28 is your one big thing day.  We are to choose one thing we have always wanted to do and do it.

One of the moms earns up to 3 dollars a day selling porridge

I already said my one big thing would be to send the money for 3 teen Moms in Kampala to go to tailoring school. I managed to raise the money to do this.  But I received the bad news. The women would be required to take written tests at the school.  None of these women have ever gone to school.  Most cannot even write their own names.  So the traditional school was closed to them.  But our MOPS leadership team in Kampala found a private person willing to teach the women how to tailor cloths.  And the good news is it is less expensive.  So we are now sending 5 women to school.  They begin next week.  I sent the money.  The school will be paid today.  And God willing these 5 women will learn a marketable skill.  A skill that will give them the money they need to support their own kids through school.  It is a step out of poverty.  They are responsible for where they go, and how they take advantage of this opportunity.  But it is one big thing...it is incomprehensibly big.  I cry with gratitude.  In the teen MOPS group in Kampala there are 15 more women who also wait for some way out of poverty. This maybe the end of the 28 day challenge, but I will not stop working towards this goal.  And I welcome any donation you may want to add.  We accept pay pal, cash, or money on gofund me.   Thank you for following me this month.  It has been fun!  I’m glad I took the trip. 

April 26, 2017

DAY 27

I am doing the Dare on day 27, no internet for 24 hours. So I'll be offline from 8 am Thursday until 8 am on Friday. I'll check my mail in the AM, but then I'm offline...no worries. Good things to say on Friday

 On day 27 of the challenge I took the dare.  It was to be off line for 24 hours.  So from 8 am Thursday to 8am Friday I was off line.  For some of you that would be no big deal.  For me, it was a minor deal.  I do stay connected with my family and friends on line.  I get email about important stuff.  But 24 hours is not such a big deal.  I have often been off line while traveling.  Yesterday I shopped, walked the dog and listened to a book.  I was sick (am sick) with a cold.  Jessica and Sarah have both had a bad cold.  It would have been great to escape it, but no such thing.  So at one point yesterday I even took a long nap.  It was not actually a productive day.  I had no great clarity about life, no new revelations.  Just a head cold, and an audible book I’ll need to listen to again because I slept through half of it. 

Day 26

Truth- write down 3 things you want to become an expert at.  Take an hour today to take the first step.

Dare- go for a walk and somewhere along the path yell, "I am awesome!"

I'm not interested in becoming an expert at anything right now.  Maybe that is because I have a full life.  I'm fully engaged.   But I'm reading one more book.  It is called the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins.  I love this.  I want to learn it.  

I am also reading the book The Plan by Lyn Genet Recitas

It is a diet that helps you test the foods that will cause your body to react negatively.  And inflammation is the cause of sickness.  So if your body reacts negatively to strawberries, strawberries will cause inflammation in your body.  You test what works for you.  All of us react negatively to different things.  What is OK for some , is not necessary good for me.  I want to learn what is right for me to eat.  

I am also working with Uganda.  And I care about learning how I can help them.  

But I walk Lucy nearly every day.  And I'll go ahead and do the dare.  I'm not perfect, but I am awesome! The truth is you are too! God doesn't make junk!

April 25, 2017

Day 25 What I love about you...

Truth-tell someone 5 things you love most about them and hug them longer than comfortable.

Dare- sit down with the oldest person you know and ask for their life story.  Tell them to start from the beginning.
Dear Friend- (The name is removed)
You love Internationals.  You love people from many cultures.  I share your heart and I love that about you.

You are a drama queen.  I’ve seen you perform in a musical.  You sang and danced.  There is a creative streak in you.  I love that.
You have a heart after God.  I know you pray.  I know you really want to know him. 
You are a dreamer.  And you dream big.  Sometimes I think you are years ahead of where others are.  You maybe need to learn to cultivate what you want. Wait to bring others along with you.  But dreaming is good.
You cross the T’s and dot the I’s.  And someone needs to.  That is not my strength.  

Day 28 is your one big thing day

Day 28 is your one big thing day.  We are to choose one thing we have always wanted to do and do it. One of the moms earns up to 3...